Our mission is to be the premier travel/competitive academy in the country providing the highest quality coaching and training to committed athletes. Sponsored by Under Armour, we provide a structured training environment and outstanding training facilities geared to develop team success as well as individual player growth. We strive to achieve maximum potential to create opportunities for our players beyond travel ball. We are extremely organized and take preparation, training and competing serious!


Field quality competitive teams, play at least 2 quality tournaments per month and to be nationally recognized at every level. We expect the parents, players and coaches to be committed to each practice, game, fundraising and code of conduct. Team colors: Scarlet, Black & Grey


To be the #1 club where kids can play, compete at a high level and gain valuable life skills.


Outstanding customer service, resolving member issues, professionalism and determination


Teaching fundamentals and life skills through sports

AOSL started as a local basketball camp organization that focused in Brentwood Ca. AOSL camps were a major hit and word got around that a new organization was in town that provided sport specific fundamentals and life skills at the same time! The popularity of the camps grew as the years went by, and some amazing athletes and wonderful individuals emerged. AOSL basketball camps and leagues emphasized critical lessons in life, such as sportsmanship, teamwork, and winning and losing with grace.

Remaining true to its purpose and vision, AOSL added more sports to the offering and safe, fun, and skill-focused sports camps were realized. Over the last 8 years AOSL has become one of the fastest growing youth organizations in California. Today, we offer multiple youth and adult leagues and camps (competitive and recreational) including youth basketball, volleyball, cheer, football, track & field, soccer and baseball; Adult kickball, softball, basketball and volleyball. AOSL now offers leagues and camps in the northern California bay area. AOSL has over 3000 children participate annually in its programs and will continue giving back to communities and provide scholarships to those individuals who cannot afford to play in its leagues.

Casey Copeland

Founder and CEO

Casey Copeland was a student-athlete at San Diego state University and holds a BA degree in speech communication. He is a motivational speaker, mentor and entrepreneur. Casey also coaches basketball, baseball and football. Learn more about Casey’s leadership programs for kids by visiting his website at www.caseycopeland.com.

In January 2008, Casey recognized that children of varying athletic levels did not have the same opportunity to learn sport-specific skills as serious players or elite young athletes. Many of these children aspired to be better players, but unfortunately did not have the best setting in which to learn sport-specific skills, have fun, be safe, and take those lessons home and apply them to their everyday lives. Casey had a vision that “every child should experience the joy and benefits of sports.” Casey created a purpose for the company: “Teaching fundamentals and life skills through sports.”

With his vision and purpose stated, All Out Sports League (AOSL) was born and offers many services. You can follow All Out on instagram @alloutsportsleague and on facebook @ www.facebook.com/alloutsports.

Reach Casey at 925-203-5626 or casey_c@alloutsportsleague.com, follow him on twitter @casecope20 or visit his website at www.caseycopeland.com.