After a long season of taking the kids to their tournaments and coaches coaching the players; It’s time for the Blaze parents/coach game! This is a fun year end game that allows all Blaze coaches and parents to play a few games against each other. And….The Blaze players are the coaches!! 

The game is played at the Clayton community gym and we have a blast! We want all parents and coaches to participant it this great event so make sure you are registered for the next game!

This time its for the Parents and Coaches!

The 2019 game will be played on July 7th at the Clayton community gym. Register below.

Minimum requirements:

  • Must be related to a Blaze player
  • Must be at least 30 years old
  • Must be able to have fun!
  • Congratulations Team Red – 2018 Champs
  • Congratulations Team Blue – 2017 Champs
  • Congratulations Team Black – 2016 Champs
  • Congratulations Team Black – 2015 Champs
  • Congratulations Team Red – 2014 Champs

Register Here For The 2019 Game Here

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