Casey Copeland

President and Founder
In January 2008, Casey recognized that children of varying athletic levels did not have the same opportunity to learn sport-specific skills as serious players or elite young athletes. Many of these children aspired to be better players, but unfortunately did not have the best setting in which to learn sport-specific skills, have fun, be safe, and take those lessons home and apply them to their everyday lives. Casey had a vision that “every child should experience the joy and benefits of sports.” Casey created a purpose for the company: “Teaching fundamentals and life skills through sports. Casey is responsible for structuring all strategic planning and business operations for AOSL and the Blaze. He oversees all aspects of executing a comprehensive marketing plan, organizing and operating events and development services, offering informational resources to the community and positioning the company for success. Follow Casey on twitter @casecope20

Lamont Robinson

Director of Coaching
Lamont has been with AOSL since inception and is a valuable member of our team. He is one of top coaches and trainers within our organization and is a great communicator and motivator. Lamont oversees our coaching staff and interviews potential Blaze coaches. If you are interested in becoming a Blaze coach, please contact coach Lamont. Born and Raised in Oakland, California, Lamont Delmore Robinson Jr. was an outstanding student athlete at Laney College earning a full scholarship to San Jose State University where he lettered as a two year offensive starter. Lamont earned several awards as a 1st team Fullback at Laney College and San Jose State University. Lamont has a wealth of knowledge in sports and education. Lamont is also the founder of We Lead Ours (WELO), a non-profit serving the youth in Oakland, California.

Michael Broome

Director of Brand Development
Michael serves as a board member at AOSL. He is one of the founders of AOSL and has been coaching in our leagues since 2008. Michael coaches for the Blaze and also oversees the company’s branding and marketing efforts, as well as increasing team and individual participation in AOSL and Blaze programs.

Victor Valencia

Director of Player Development
Victor has been involved with All Out and the Blaze since 2010 and is one our top coaches. Victor oversees player development and training for our Blaze athletes and those seeking private lessons. Victor has been dubbed one of bay area’s top trainers in large part due to his highly unique, complex and intense training drills and methods.

Donald DeWitt

Facility Manager
Donny is a major asset to the All Out Team. He manages the Clayton community gym and has been with us since 2011.

Tamila Copeland

Director of Human Resources
Tamila has been with All Out since 2008 as our Human Resources manager. She handles all the day to day HR duties including interviewing, payroll and employee benefits.

Scott Ebert

Director of Player Development
Scott has been with AOSL and the Blaze since 2008. In addition to being a coach and trainer, Scott handles all of our IT and technical issues. Scott has one of the highest winning percentages as a coach within AOSL and Blaze. He has two sons who play in our program.

Maiko Johnson

Operations Manager
Maiko has a son who plays in our program and is a very loyal member of our team. Maiko handles all merchandise questions, team activities, travel arrangements and more. She is a big part of the AOSL and Blaze family!


  • Anrew Riva
  • Gil Hernandez
  • Marcus Wagner
  • Rutherford Pascal
  • Mike Jaime
  • Mark Shell
  • Pete Andrea
  • Lloyd Sims Jr.
  • Codie Martin
  • Brent Hunte